Reverse the Curse

God created the perfect world in just six days.  But the crowning achievement of His creation – Adam and Eve – disobeyed and brought a curse upon the once-perfect world.  That curse of pain and death could only be reversed by the shedding of blood.  For centuries, God’s people covered over their sins with the blood of animals.  But God put into motion His perfect plan to set man free from the law of sin and to Reverse the Curse of death forever.  But it would come at the greatest price…the blood of His very own, perfect Son – Jesus Christ.

SATURDAY, APRIL 3 from 10:00am - Noon

American Legion Park Walking Trail

Follow the directions to each station.  When you arrive, play the video below that corresponds to the picture on your map.  When you have watched the video, the station attendant will give you your sticker before moving on to the next station.