Our Ministry Partners

At Fox Creek, we know that we can't serve our community alone. We have many partners and co-laborers we support (both financially and with our time and other resources) that we would love to put you in contact with. To learn more about our ministry partners, please contact us.

  • Fox Creek Ladies Ministry - Serving TEAM

    Helping Hands is the "Serving Team" component of the Fox Creek Ladies Ministry.  Our purpose is to use our spiritual gifts to serve others and spread the gospel throughout our community and our world.  

    CLICK HERE to find out how to assist the SERVING ministry using the Kroger Community Rewards Program.   

  • Open HandS Pantry

    LAwrenceburg, Kentucky

    Open Hands is a local food pantry that provides food and other services to the less fortunate in the Lawrenceburg/Anderson County Area.  The Open Hands Pantry also partners with various organizations to provide Christian counseling, training and assistance classes.  Fox Creek provides a community meal the First Tuesday every other month.  This meal is free to the general community and encourages those that are in need to take advantage of this opportunity to eat and fellowship at the Open Hands Pantry Dining Hall.  Fox Creek also has several members that are involved in helping prepare and serve a Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner.

  • Salt River Christian Fellowship

    The Salt River Christian  Fellowship (SRCF) was established in 1967 as a means of encouragement for Christians in the Salt River area and to support the establishment of new Church plants. The SRCF has provided support for a number of new Church plants, as well as scholarship assistance to young men preparing for the ministry.

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  • Camp Calvary

    willisburg, Kentucky

    Camp Calvary, located in Mackville, Kentucky, is a premier retreat facility and youth camp. Camp Calvary has almost 400 acres and many dreams and ideas of what to do with it!  In 1963, Camp Calvary had 86 campers attend the first session at the current location and in recent years average well over one-thousand campers. 

  • Dufailly Christian Mission
    Dufailly, Haiti

    In 2008, a partnership was organized between Mission Journeys/Teen Mission and Kendall and Yvrose Johnson  in the village of Dufailly, located 40 miles from Port-au- Prince in Central Haiti.  Kendall and Yvrose began the Dufailly  Christian Church in May 2004.  The church was meeting under a shelter until one of Mission Journeys’ teams  helped in the construction of a nice block building in February 2009.  In the fall of 2009, a Christian school was  started there at the church known as Dufailly Christian School.  The school not only educates the children on  general curriculum studies, but it also includes a Biblical and doctrinal curriculum. A Medical Clinic has also  opened to serve the needs of the Dufailly community.

  • Team Expansion

    Chris & Samantha Sanford, Missionaries to Taiwan 

    Chris and Samantha Sanford and their 4 children are full-time resident missionaries in Taiwan.  Chris and Sam met while Chris was on a short-term mission trip in Taiwan at a Christian English-Sports Camp.  They were shortly married after that and the Lord has blessed them with 4 beautiful children here and 1 beautiful baby boy that has gone on to meet Jesus.  Chris and Sam regularly preach and teach throughout Taiwan and work extensively with an orphanage in Taiwan.  Chris recently conveyed, "Though progress is not as quick as I would like it to be we are moving forward.  People are becoming Christian, the Gospel is being preached and God is being glorified.  What more could we be thankful for." 


    KahoKa & Clarence, Missouri  

    The mission of Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch is to provide Christian homes for abused, neglected, and other children and to meet the spiritual, emotional, social, and physical needs of each child.


             Jesus Christ’s saving grace is at the center of everything we do. Our staff, home parents, and board of directors are all Christian.

             The children live in loving homes with full-time parents that provide a healthy family environment to learn and grow.

             Shiloh is funded by gifts from caring people.

             We give refuge to all children placed at Shiloh without any fee charged to their families.

             We are located in a rural farming community that provides a variety of opportunities for work and play. We believe both activities are therapeutic. 


    Willisburg, Harrodsburg, Chaplin & Danville, Kentucky

    Isaiah House Treatment Center is an outpatient, intensive outpatient and residential treatment program with a Gold Standard of care for men & women.

    They treat the whole person with a holistic approach. Treatment at Isaiah House addresses spiritual, physical, mental, financial, legal and educational aspects of their clients’ lives.

  • The Light Center

    Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

    The Light Center exists to restore hope to individuals of the community of Lawrenceburg through physical, spiritual and educational intervention. Fox Creek Christian Church partners with The Light Center to help systematically meets the needs of those in our community.  


    Liberty, Kentucky

    Galilean Home Ministries is a non-profit, mission-oriented organization, functioning in a collaborative community environment, with one purpose in mind: Helping those that need help; loving those that need love. Without knowing the love and security of a family, their faith and confidence have been shattered. We will, with honesty, integrity, and great privilege, provide children of all ages, from one day old to “children in their 50’s and beyond”, with love, care, medical attention, education, employment, and recreation. We do this in a family-oriented setting, making all who come under our care feel as though they belong to something bigger than themselves. We emphasize that all members of our organization work together to accomplish our common goals. We feel that, through sharing each other’s knowledge, skills, and abilities, all will benefit and flourish. 

  • Avenues for Women

    Frankfort, Kentucky

    Avenues for Women offers counseling and accurate information about all pregnancy options; however, they do not offer or refer for abortion services

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  • Alness Revival Christian

    Alness Revival christian church

    aLness, guyana

    We are a non-denominational body of believers who are striving to follow the pattern of the New Testament of Christianity. We have no creed but Christ, and no rule of faith and practice but the word of God, according to the “Great Commission” given by Jesus (Matthew 28:18-20). Our purpose is to make disciples, baptize them and teach them to observe all that Jesus commanded. We seek to help believers grow into maturity, which is Christ likeness, so the body of Christ may be built up (Ephesians 4:11-16). We have no earthy headquarters or head; but rather each local congregation governs itself according to the will of Christ as revealed in the scriptures. Following the pattern of the New Testament, we seek to continue steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine; in fellowship; in the breaking of bread and in prayer (Acts 2:42). We seek to unite all believers under the authority of Christ and His word so that the world may believe (John17:21).



    Louisville Bible College is a private, co-educational college located in southeast Louisville, Kentucky. It was founded in September 1948. Educating preachers and other Christian leaders for Christ’s ChurchHome - Louisville Bible College

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