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Whether you’re new here or have been around for a while let me welcome you to the children’s ministry of Fox Creek Christian Church!  Though the term “Children’s Ministry” is relatively new in the church’s vocabulary, the concept is not.  Jesus made it very clear just how important children were to Him and to the Kingdom of God (Matthew 19:14).  Because Jesus, himself, placed so much value on children, we feel they are pretty important too. 

George Barna, one of the world’s leading statisticians said in his book, Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions-Why Children Should Be Your Church’s #1 Priority, “Moral foundations of children are generally determined by the time the individual reaches age nine. Our research confirms a parallel outcome in the spiritual dimension: By age nine, most children have their spiritual moorings in place.”   More than ½ of those who will accept Christ do so by the age of 12.

With these things in mind, it is vital for us as individual families and as a church to work together to provide our children with the best foundation upon which to build their lives.  This is one investment that is definitely worth the returns!     

Tim Wells  

Children’s Minister

What is available AT KIDS CREEK for my child?

Our Children's Ministry department is divided into 4 age groups to allow your child to experience the gospel in a safe, age-appropriate environment staffed with knowledgeable, caring volunteers.  

The nursery is available during the 11:00am Sunday Morning Worship Service.

Worship services specially designed with kids in mind are available for children 3 years - 5th grade during all regular service times.


    Age 0-2

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    Age 3-4

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  • Kindergarten -

    2nd Grade

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  • 3rd Grade -
    5th Grade

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What can my child expect at a typical Kids Creek service?

Though you can always expect the unexpected at Kids Creek, there are a few elements that you will see each time you visit.  We want Kids Creek to be the best part of your child's week.  We strive to make that happen by personally connecting with your child - but more importantly helping your child connect with their Creator and the King of the Universe.  If we can do those two things, then we consider our time together a success!

  • Worship

    Each time we come together, we respond to God's amazing love through a time of worship.  Through a variety of high-energy, Christ-centered music with motions and softer, more reflective times of praise, we strive to create an atmosphere in which your child can experience God on corporate and personal levels.  Every Sunday morning, we also offer communion to immersed followers of Christ as an act of worship and remembrance.    

    CLICK HERE to sing along with some of your Favorite Kids Creek worship songs!


    At Kids Creek, we know that the Bible is anything but boring!  We attempt to bring God's Word to life for kids using drama, multimedia elements, games, hands-on experiences, and in-depth examination of the most life-changing Book ever written.  The message is presented in a kid-friendly way in an effort to cultivate life-long followers of Christ.     


    In a large-group setting, it can be difficult to personally connect with each child and to provide the individualized attention they need.  That is why at Kids Creek, we follow-up each whole-group lesson with time in small groups.  Not only does it allow children to develop friendships with their peers and small group leaders, but also provides a time to reinforce the main ideas from the lesson in smaller, age-leveled groups.  This is where kids learn to practically apply what they are being taught.    

What'S Going On At The Creek?

If you're wondering what's going on in Kids Creek, this month, take a sneak peak below.

Or, CLICK HERE to see the Curriculum Map for the months of SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER.



    This month, as a church, we are focusing on the second component of our mission -- Loving People.  While the adults are learning what it means to truly love others and practical ways to put that into practice, your kids will be learning the same lesson from the same text -- just on their level.  We want to encourage families to follow up the morning services by having conversations about how we can love the people in our lives and beyond.    So meet us at The Creek...Kids Creek! 


    in September

    This month, on Sunday evenings, we're taking Kids Creek on the road for our ROAD TRIP series!  We'll load the bus each Sunday evening and ride the open roads at 6:00 stopping at and undisclosed location for a real-world tour/demonstration followed up by devotion filled with on-location, applicable Biblical truth .  So don't be late or you'll miss the bus!  



    Your mission...should you choose to accept it...
    In keeping with our month's mission theme to LOVE PEOPLE, we'll venture into the Bible to discover the Mission of Jesus Christ and the role we play in that mission.  

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Meet Me At The Creek...Kids Creek